Adding Fans, Lighting, or Wiring Upgrades? We’ve Got You Covered.

Adding Fans, Lighting, or Wiring Upgrades? We’ve Got You Covered.

  • September 21, 2015

Ceiling fans, lighting and other electrical wiring projects can enhance your enjoyment of your Texas home. Enlisting the help of a qualified and licensed electrician to perform any wiring upgrades or repairs can provide you with added peace of mind and increased safety throughout the process. For residents of Denison and Sherman, working with the experts at Webb’s Electric Heating & Air Conditioning can ensure that all electrical work is performed correctly and in compliance with all applicable standards and codes. This can allow you to enjoy top-quality results with minimal stress and disruption for you and your family.

Sticking to the Standards

The National Fire Protection Association is responsible for establishing and publishing the U.S. electrical standards that form the basis for building codes in the state of Texas. Selecting an established and professional firm to perform all your electrical wiring and repair work can ensure that these tasks are performed correctly and up to state and local codes, allowing you to proceed with greater confidence when managing your home improvement projects.

The Right Choices for Your Wiring Projects

In some cases, you may be able to reduce your monthly utility bills simply by performing a few small upgrades to lighting or opting to install ceiling fans. The experts at the U.S. Small Business Administration estimate that lighting costs can add up to as much as 50 percent of the energy costs of the average small business. Depending on the age and efficiency of your home light fixtures, upgrading your lighting can reduce your monthly utility bills to free up added cash for some of life’s little pleasures, including dining out more often or planning a long-awaited family vacation.

Added Help for Air Conditioning Issues

With average high temperatures in the 90s throughout the long summer, staying cool is a priority for north Texas families. A qualified electrician can provide real help in diagnosing and resolving modern
air conditioning problems. This can reduce downtime to keep you and your family more comfortable during the worst of summer heat.

The experts at Webb’s Electric Heating & Air Conditioning can provide comprehensive help for heating, cooling and electrical systems throughout the north Texas region. To learn more about our full lineup of wiring upgrades and electrical services, visit us online or call us direct at 903-200-4584. We look forward to the chance to serve you and your family.