What You Can Do to Have Healthy Indoor Air

What You Can Do to Have Healthy Indoor Air

  • May 30, 2017

Tightly sealed homes in Sherman, TX, help homeowners to save money on energy bills, but they also pose a danger for indoor air quality. Insufficient indoor ventilation can cause airborne contaminants to collect in your home and threaten your health. Fortunately, this potential problem can be easily remedied by taking a few simple steps to keep indoor air fresh, clean and healthy.


Ventilation removes stale, unhealthy air from your home while pulling fresh air inside. Methods to ventilate your home range from opening your windows regularly to installing a whole-house ventilation system.


Air purifiers clean indoor air by generating negative ions that can effectively zap 95 percent of airborne microbes including pollen, bacteria, spores, and viruses as well as VOCs, chemicals and smoke that can cause illness or aggravate allergies. Air purifiers work quietly in the background in conjunction with your existing HVAC system.


Air cleaners pass indoor air through high-efficiency air filters with MERV ratings from 10 to 13. These systems can trap a high percentage of airborne particles including dust, pet dander and dust mites.


Air cleaners with UVC lights eliminate or greatly reduce illness-causing pathogens such as viruses, spores, fungi and bacteria. The UVC unit is installed inside of your HVAC system and cleans the air in your home as it passes over the lights.

Smoke Outside

Cigarette smoke leaves a sticky yellow residue on everything, and the negative effects of second-hand smoke on the health of nonsmokers are well-documented. Create an attractive outdoor patio area and limit smoking to that space.

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