How to Be Energy Efficient in 2017

How to Be Energy Efficient in 2017

  • February 24, 2017

Most people are looking for ways to save money on utility bills. Heating and air conditioning account for 43 percent of utility bills in a typical household. Using more efficient appliances and paying attention to the way electricity is used throughout the house are simple ways to lower fuel bills. Here are a few tips that will help you reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Have an Energy Audit

It is surprising how much a building envelope leaks. If you notice condensation on windows or drafts in rooms, your home is not well sealed. A professional auditor will pinpoint areas of inefficiency including leaks around doors and windows, insufficient insulation, and poorly sealed ductwork in the heating and air conditioning system. The auditor will provide recommendations to correct the problems. Your indoor environment will be more comfortable after completing the repairs, and you will save on utility costs.

Switch to LED or CFL Bulbs

Lighting accounts for about 18 percent of electrical consumption in buildings in the U.S. LEDs and CFLs use far less electricity to produce the same amount of light compared to incandescent bulbs. Although these bulbs cost more, they last longer. They also do not emit heat, which reduces the load on air conditioners. Turning off lights when rooms are not in use also cuts down on electrical use.

Service the HVAC Unit

Have your HVAC contractor perform a tune-up in the fall for the furnace and in the spring for the air conditioner. Keeping the system in good working order will reduce utility bills. Cleaning the filter regularly helps the unit work efficiently, which reduces fuel consumption.

Seal Ducts

Leaking ducts lose approximately 30 percent of conditioned air, causing the HVAC unit to work harder and consume more fuel. Sealing ducts reduces consumption and reduces wear and tear on the system.

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