Heating Myths and Facts

Heating Myths and Facts

  • February 4, 2016

“Don’t believe everything you hear” is sound advice, especially when it involves home heating. There’s a lot of good information out there that can keep your Sherman, TX, winter energy bills manageable. But there’s disinformation as well. The trick is to separate myth from fact. Here are four common heating misconceptions that will cost you money instead of saving it:

1. Turning Up The Thermostat Will Heat My Home Faster

Fact: Turning up the thermostat will not make your furnace work faster. It will warm up your home at the same rate of speed whether you set the thermostat at 75 degrees or 90 degrees.

2. Turning The Heat Down When I Sleep Or Leave The House Doesn’t Effect Energy Costs

Fact: Lowering the thermostat when you’re sleeping or not home can impact your energy bills significantly. The longer your furnace runs at a lower temperature, the less your energy bills will be. Turning the heat down 10 or more degrees when you’re sleeping or not home can reduce energy costs by up to 15 percent. The best way to reduce indoor air temperature while you sleep or when you leave is to let a programmable thermostat make these changes automatically. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget.

3. Using My Fireplace For Supplemental Heat Can Save On Energy Bills

Fact: Using a fireplace to heat your home is the least efficient way to stay warm. Fireplaces literally suck warm air out of your house and blow it up the chimney. Skip the roaring fires and make sure your fireplace damper remains closed.

4. Annual Furnace Maintenance Isn’t Really Necessary

Fact: Annual heating maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace in tiptop condition. Well-maintained furnaces can last for 30 years and are much less likely to need heating repair than poorly maintained furnaces. With regular maintenance, your furnace will perform at peak capacity. And don’t forget that furnace warranties do not cover damages caused by improper heating maintenance.

To learn more furnace facts including how to maximize the life of your Sherman, TX, furnace and minimize the potential for expensive heating repair bills, visit Webb’s Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning or call (903) 200-4584.