How a Residential Inspection for Electrical Issues Could Save Your Life

How a Residential Inspection for Electrical Issues Could Save Your Life

  • March 12, 2015

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. You have to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance. You also need to understand the basics of how your home’s major systems work and what needs to be done to keep them in good condition. While you remember to have your air conditioner or furnace serviced on a regular basis, it can be easy to forget your electrical system. However, an annual safety inspection acts as a line of defense against home disasters that could be very costly and put your loved ones live’s in danger. Webb’s Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to identify and correct your electrical issues.

Protecting Your Family with an Electrical Inspection

Professional electrical inspections provide an important way to protect your home from disasters stemming from electrical issues. In 2011 alone, electrical problems in homes caused 43,700 fires that resulted in 430 deaths and $1.5 billion in damages. While not every fire can be prevented, electrical inspections help to identify problems that could lead to disaster. Investing in an inspection means having the opportunity to identify system shortages, frayed wires, malfunctioning outlets and other problems that put you at risk.

Understanding Risk Factors for Dangerous Electrical Problems

Many homeowners feel that an electrical inspection simply isn’t necessary because their electricity seems to work right most of the time. However, it’s important to know signs that your electrical system may be in need of repair. You should call in a professional electrician to complete an inspection if:

  • You have regular problems with your lights flickering.
  • Some light switches or outlets don’t always work.
  • You get an electrical shock when you touch an outlet or plug in an appliance.
  • Your electrical outlets are hot to the touch or smell like they’re burning.
  • You make frequent visits to your breaker box.
  • Your home uses an older fuse box or two-slot outlets.

You should always call in a professional electrician to handle complex issues. You should also call in an electrician if your home was built before 1970 or if you’re having a new house built.

Use a Residential Electrical Inspection to Make Your Home Safer

An electrical inspection gives you a head’s up about potentially dangerous wiring issues so that you can prevent a fire, electrocution or explosion in your home. Having an inspection completed by a professional on a yearly basis is the best way to ensure that all potential issues are identified. Of course, you can also take steps to protect yourself, such as inspecting appliance cords and extension cords monthly for wear, damage or breakage. You should also be proactive and call an electrician at the first sign of problems. Unless it’s something fairly simply that you can address yourself, it’s important to call in a professional who understands electrical system safety.

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