How to Improve Your HVAC System’s Performance Today

How to Improve Your HVAC System’s Performance Today

  • January 8, 2015

When it comes to boosting energy efficiency and reducing electric bills, there are many myths and misconceptions. For example, does closing your air vents save money, or will it damage your HVAC equipment? To help you improve your system’s performance instantly and minimize unnecessary HVAC maintenance, we recommend these energy-saving tips.

Change Your Air Filter

Do you remember the last time you changed your HVAC return filter? If you don’t, your system might be working harder than it should. Changing air filters is the easiest maintenance task, but it’s often overlooked. Because air flow is restricted, clogged filters decrease performance by 5 percent or more.

In addition to increasing operating costs and potentially damaging your equipment, dirty filters can create other problems that could have been prevented with proper HVAC care. To stay on schedule, write the installation date on the filter, and check it monthly. Some pleated filters are designed to last for up to three months, but this might not be true if you have pets or poor indoor air quality.

Open All Registers

Every vent that’s mounted on the ceiling or set into the floor has a lever that shuts off the air flow. This feature has created ongoing confusion over whether it’s acceptable to close vents even in rooms that aren’t being used. At Webb’s Electric Heating & Air Conditioning, we don’t recommend closing vents because this restricts air flow and causes pressure to increase. Besides affecting the comfort of other rooms, increased pressure causes energy loss because more conditioned air is forced out of cracks and gaps in the ducts.

In the winter and the summer, keep the vents open, and make sure they aren’t blocked by curtains or furniture. It’s especially important to clear items away from the return vent since blockage in this area can damage your heating and cooling equipment.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Completing preventive maintenance is a great way to protect your HVAC equipment and your wallet. Here in northern Texas, it seems as though we’re always getting ready for a change in the weather. If you’re constantly dreading exorbitant air conditioning costs and high heating bills, a seasonal tune-up can instantly improve energy efficiency while reducing the frequency of breakdowns and repairs.

During a tune-up, our NATE-certified technicians go through an extensive maintenance checklist that addresses everything from electrical connections to moving parts. In addition to detecting potential problems, HVAC maintenance can boost efficiency dramatically. For example, incorrect refrigerant levels make your heat pump or air conditioner work as much as 20 percent harder, which can significantly increase your electric bills.

Don’t put up with high utility costs any more. Follow these steps to lower your energy bills today and enjoy improved HVAC performance throughout the year. To schedule your seasonal tune-up, call our office in Sherman, Texas, today.