Keeping Allergens at Bay During the Winter

Keeping Allergens at Bay During the Winter

  • January 9, 2017

When winter arrives, people in North Texas seal up their homes to save energy and keep the indoor environment comfortable. Tight perimeters help control winter utility costs, but allergens and other contaminants often accumulate in the living area as an unwanted byproduct. For those with serious health concerns like asthma and COPD, substandard indoor air can aggravate existing conditions and cause new ones to develop.

Keeping Your Home Healthy in the Winter

At Webb’s, we understand your highest priority is keeping your family healthy and safe. If your home is plagued by unpleasant odors and excessive dust, you probably have IAQ issues. Fortunately, we can design and install an indoor air quality system that incorporates critical components to keep your home clean and fresh smelling all year round.

  • Air Filters: Modern central filters remove airborne contaminants down to one micron in size. This includes smoke, dirt, pet dander, pollen and mold. One of our comfort specialists can help you choose a filter with the highest efficiency rating that’s compatible with your existing system.
  • Mechanical Ventilators: Energy Star recommends installing a mechanical ventilator to keep a steady supply of outdoor air flowing into your home at all times. This is especially important in the winter when your home is shut tight, and fresh air pathways are eliminated.
  • UV lamps: UV technology is very effective at killing unhealthy biological contaminants like mold and fungi, which can often be found inside your HVAC equipment. UV lamps are tuned to a specific wavelength that eradicates these pollutants before they reach the airstream.

A Winter Indoor Environment as Fresh as Spring

If you suspect your home may have substandard indoor air, call the professionals at Webb’s Electric Heating and Air. One of our representatives can explain the many benefits of maintaining a healthy indoor environment and arrange an appointment for a free system evaluation at your convenience.