Summer to Fall Tips for Your HVAC System

Summer to Fall Tips for Your HVAC System

  • September 3, 2016

The kids have returned to school, football season is back and the average temperature in Sherman, Texas, has started to drop just a bit. Now that your HVAC system is receiving a much-needed and well-deserved break before having to heat your home during the winter, it’s as good time as any to give it some extra attention. Here are four tips for transitioning your HVAC system from the cooling to the heating cycle so that the coming months are comfortable and cozy.


Change the HVAC Filter to Avoid Laborious Operation

Think of an air filter like a lung: the more clogged, the harder it is for the HVAC system to breathe and run efficiently. During the summer’s hottest months, when high temperatures and higher levels of general activity lead to greater amounts of dust and debris in the air, it’s especially important to change the HVAC filter. If you haven’t already, use this time to change the filter and give your system a new lung.


Treat the HVAC System to a Professional Tune-up

Changing the HVAC filter is the easiest thing you can do to prevent a breakdown and prolong the system’s life. But ultimately, you should treat your HVAC system to a professional tune-up so it runs as efficiently as possible you’re not over-paying heating costs. What’s more, if there are any electrical hazards lurking, a professional tune-up will reveal and remedy them right away so your family isn’t at risk.


Feast on Energy-Saving Heating Tips

It might seem like an eternity – or just a really long and hot summer – since you had to use your home’s heating system, so here’s a refresher on how you can avoid gobbling energy and save money in the coming months.

  • Turn the thermostat to 68 degrees. For every degree lower, you save 5 percent energy.
  • Reduce hot water temperature to ‘normal’ setting or 120 degrees.
  • Seal any exposed areas of your home, including around doors, windows and vents.


Give the HVAC System an Early Present

Considering it’s one of the most important devices in your life, give your HVAC system a little love earlier in the season. If you haven’t already, investing in a programmable thermostat is a great way to upgrade your system. Except with this gift, you’ll receive long-lasting rewards, both in how much you save in utility costs and how much control you have over your comfort.

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