Is it Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade? How to Know.

Is it Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade? How to Know.

  • March 27, 2017

The main purpose of the electrical panel in your home is to send power throughout it. It can also stop electricity from overpowering the circuits, which can lead to smoke and fire. Considering the electrical panel manages the power in your home, it’s important to make sure it’s in proper working order to ensure your family remains safe.

With that said, here’s how to tell if your electrical system or panel needs an upgrade.

The Electrical Panel Doesn’t Trip the Breaker Switches

When there’s a problem with your electrical panel, your home will let you know. Overloaded outlets will often trip breaker switches, but an old panel might malfunction and not trip a switch at all. If this happens, the risk of melted wiring, smoke and fire increase. If you notice the smell of burning rubber, you should contact a licensed electrician immediately for a detailed inspection.

Other Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Once an electrician inspects your home’s electrical system, he or she will make an informed decision as to whether it needs repair or replacing. Be advised that you’ll likely need a new electrical panel if:

  • Your home is more than 25 years old and still has two-pronged outlets that aren’t grounded.
  • Your home has 60-amp electrical service.
  • Your home has frequent power surges without a cause or reason.
  • The breaker switches in the electrical panel are corroded or rusty.
  • You can hear crackling noises coming from inside the breaker box.

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