Troubleshooting Problems With My Furnace

Troubleshooting Problems With My Furnace

  • November 4, 2015

With a heating index that is significantly higher than that for the rest of the state of Texas, Sherman residents may find that furnace trouble can be especially serious during the winter months. It is helpful to have a relationship with a reputable heating contractor to ensure that you can get prompt assistance if your heating system malfunctions, but it is also helpful to have some troubleshooting strategies to ensure that you don’t call for furnace repair unnecessarily. Following are some important first steps if you are having furnace trouble.

Troubleshooting Furnace Issues

There are several elements of your heating system to inspect if there are problems with the unit not running or not heating. These include:

  • Thermostat – make sure your settings are correct and that your unit’s batteries are working properly. An incorrect setting could prevent the system from operating, or it could cause the air conditioner to operate instead of the furnace.
  • Fuel and power – verify that your source of fuel is on. If your furnace is a gas unit, try other gas appliances to ensure that the supply has not been shut off. Check your fuse box for any tripped breakers as well.
  • Furnace filter – a clogged filter can prevent your system from functioning, causing short cycles or no activity at all. This is one of the most common problems with heating equipment during the winter, but this simple furnace maintenance issue can be easily addressed with a replacement filter.
  • System pilot and reset – verify that the pilot is lit, relighting according to manufacturer directions if necessary. You can also use the system’s reset protocol if you are still having trouble, but record any LED indicators first.

If these steps don’t solve your problems, call your contractor for assistance.

Avoid Repair Needs by Scheduling Furnace Maintenance

Many furnace malfunctions arise because of aging or broken parts, an issue that can be addressed during fall furnace maintenance to minimize your risk of a heating problem later. Webb’s Electric Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full range of furnace repair and maintenance solutions, which you can review online or discuss with one of our customer representatives at (903) 200-4584.