Trying to Save Energy? Check Your E.Q (Electricity Quotient) Against These Myths

Trying to Save Energy? Check Your E.Q (Electricity Quotient) Against These Myths

  • June 2, 2016

With inflation and energy costs increasing each year, it is more important than ever to save money by operating an energy efficient home or office. The only problem is that many of these tips hold no validity and are simply urban myths, including all of the following.

Energy Saving Myths

  • When appliances are turned off, they use no electricity. Even if turned off, appliances and electronic devices still use energy when they are plugged in.
  • Turning down the thermostat on your air conditioning will cool your home more quickly. Thermostats work similarly to light switches – either on or off. When your thermostat is set to 60° F, it cools your home as quickly as when it is set to 70° F.
  • Fluorescent lighting is not healthy. Fluorescent and LED lights use far less energy than incandescent or halogen lights with no ill health effects.
  • Leaving a ceiling fan running will keep the room cool. Ceiling fans do nothing to lower the temperature. However, they create a wind chill effect, cooling your skin, making you feel cooler when in the room.

Tips for Saving Electricity

Fortunately, not everything you hear about energy efficiency is a myth. According to Energy Star, you can follow several energy saving tips that will leave a little extra spending money in your pocket.

  • Have an electrician install a programmable thermostat.
  • Replace an old heating and cooling system with an appliance carrying the Energy Star label.
  • Unplug appliances and home electronics when not in use. Using a power strip will make it easy to turn off and on.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling your home or office.

Electrician in Sherman, TX

If you believe you are paying too much for electricity, heating and cooling in your home or office and live in the area surrounding Sherman, Texas, your local specialist is Webb’s Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning. For further information regarding energy efficiency and electrical services, call us at (903) 200-4584.