Why Carrier Is the Most Trusted Name in HVAC

Why Carrier Is the Most Trusted Name in HVAC

  • August 16, 2018

From where we live to how we spend our time, few technologies have had a greater impact on the world than air conditioning. Homeowners in Van Alstyne, TX are no exception. From the very beginning, Carrier has been a recognized leader in the HVAC industry. In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the “Apparatus for Treating Air,” the first modern cooling system. The company he founded has been a driving force in HVAC innovation ever since. Today, nearly 100 million homes in America are kept cool and comfortable with AC systems, many of which are Carrier products.

Time-Tested Carrier Products

With more than a century of experience in HVAC manufacturing, Carrier has mastered the science of indoor climate control. Each decade of Carrier history is marked by groundbreaking technologies that improved performance and lowered operating costs. The company has led the way in eco-friendly improvements too. Carrier was the first to phase out ozone-depleting refrigerants. It’s that kind of commitment to excellence that has made Carrier such a trusted name.

Innovative Carrier Equipment

By controlling temperatures, balancing humidity, and perfecting air distribution, Carrier HVAC systems offer whole-home comfort in every season. From air purifiers to whole-home filters, products that make indoor environments healthier are also available. To keep operating costs low, Carrier equipment boasts a broad range of advanced features designed to improve efficiency. Systems equipped with Greenspeed Intelligence, for example, “learn” your personal preferences and adapt automatically to keep you comfortable.

Your Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Not every HVAC company in Van Alstyne, TX is certified to offer Carrier products. In fact, less than five percent of contractors make the cut. Webb’s Electric, Heating, and Air Conditioning is proud to have met Carrier’s high standards for technical expertise and customer service. Our NATE-certified experts have the knowledge it takes to install, repair and service all types of Carrier equipment.

Our designation as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer means we’re a company you can trust to deliver quality results. For more information about ways to improve your comfort, check out our HVAC services page or call 903-200-4584.