Wires & Fires: 4 Reasons You Need an Electrician’s Help

Wires & Fires: 4 Reasons You Need an Electrician’s Help

  • December 3, 2014

Having easy access to huge amounts of power is a great luxury of modern life, and it’s something that we often don’t notice until it’s gone. As a homeowner, you’d do well to understand when you can fix an electrical issue yourself and when you’ll need to call an electrical contractor. Here are four common situations that require an electrician’s help.

New Construction and Remodeling

Whether you’re building a new home, putting an addition on your current home or doing extensive renovation, you’ll need an electrician to make sure the wiring is all set. Besides providing adequate electricity throughout the home or addition, an electrician can set you up with telephone wiring, A/V cabling, network cabling and wiring for security systems. During a remodeling project, you may find you need increased power for new appliances; again, an electrical contractor can make that happen. The upshot is that your home will be safer and more comfortable.

Older Homes

Houses built prior to 1970 need to be rewired to help prevent safety issues and meet new code standards. Electrical problems are very common in older houses, of course; if you have breakers that trip regularly, dead electrical outlets, short circuits or any other deteriorating electrical connections, an electrical contractor can step in and resolve those issues. Even if you’re not having any particular problems, adding technologies such as GCFI and ACFI to an older home will drastically improve safety by preventing shocks and fires. Another upshot is that the resale value of the house will increase.

Lighting Issues

Lighting problems of all sorts are some of the most common reasons to call an electrician. Perhaps your lights are flickering or you’ve noticed that one is brighter than the others; either could be a sign of a faulty connection. Popping light bulbs indicate a poor natural connection, too. Alternatively, your home might need new lighting because of rearranged furniture, or you may be looking to upgrade to more  efficient lights to save power. Regardless, you’ll need an electrician to ensure that you have enough lights installed and enough power to keep all those lights shining.

Disaster Damage

Living in the Sherman area means there’s a chance your home will be damaged by a fire, high winds or even a tornado. While no one wants to think about the consequences of a natural disaster, if the worst should happen, your electrician will be part of the solution. A professional electrical contractor can work with you to repair or replace damaged wiring and restore power to your home as soon as possible, giving your family a safe and comfortable place to live.

At Webb’s Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors in the Sherman area with all of their electrical needs for nearly three decades. If you’re dealing with one of these situations or need an electrician’s help for any other reason, don’t hesitate to  give us a call.