Yes, Furnace Maintenance Is Important. Here’s Why.

Yes, Furnace Maintenance Is Important. Here’s Why.

  • November 7, 2016

We’re getting into the heating season, and even in sunny Texas, your furnace will work hard to keep you warm throughout the winter. That means it’s time to start taking a look at heating and cooling maintenance. Here’s why.


You’ll save money every month

When you bought your furnace, you may have taken note of its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This is a measure of how much of the fuel your heating system burns that is turned into usable heat. For instance, an AFUE 90 furnace turns 90 percent of fuel into heat for your home, with the remaining 10 percent lost in the exhaust.

That AFUE rating is a nominal rating from the manufacturer that reflects how the furnace will operate under optimal conditions. If it isn’t properly maintained, it will not hit its optimal AFUE, which means more wasted heat and more of your money spent on fuel. However, when we come to maintain your furnace, we’ll make small calibration adjustments and clear up any issues that might be affecting your heating efficiency. The upshot is less expensive heating and more money for you to save or spend on the things that matter to you.

You’ll save even more down the road

Furnaces aren’t short-term investments. They’re designed to last for 20 years or more. Like any other machine, your heating system can and will wear down over time – and if those little issues aren’t addressed, they can turn into big problems that require expensive future repairs or even system replacement.

The way to keep your furnace running well for decades to come is to invest in routine furnace maintenance up front. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system and repair any emerging issues while they are still small and easily fixable. We’ll clean, calibrate and maintain your furnace to help it run smoothly.


You get peace of mind

While we’re here to help you save money, furnace maintenance is about much more than financial savings. You heat your home to protect yourself and your family, and even in Texas, losing your heating system to an unexpected issue is scary. With an annual service agreement, you’ll have invaluable peace of mind.

Learn more about the benefits of a service agreement. Check out Webb’s Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning’s heating maintenance solutions or call us at (903) 200-4584.